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Students test their robots' mettle at ShepRobo Fest

by Herald-Mail --- 3/31/2013


When the robot R2-D2 showed up in the Star Wars movies, a lot of people probably thought it would be well in the future before something like that became reality.

Well, that day is here.


A robotics festival at Shepherd University this weekend featured robots that can find fire in rooms and a solar-powered balloon contraption that can be used to take photographs on a battlefield and pick up military intelligence. Continue Reading ...

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Shepherd hosts ShepRobo Fest robotics competition

by The Journal --- 3/31/2013


Amid the small cityscape, two arachnid-like robots play a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Skittering along the walled-off arena floor like crabs on a sandy beach, they cautiously navigate around miniature skyscrapers before finally meeting eye-to-eye and unleashing a volley of small BB projectiles in rapid succession.

As spectators crowd around arena and watch the action unfold from behind plastic protective covering, the robots' operators hover around laptops that display the image of what their robots see from mounted cameras and use modified controllers to control their creations.

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Robots in action at Shepherd University for third annual RoboFest

by Herald-Mail --- 3/28/2013


In an empty downtown city street, an invader peers around an office tower.
The giant four-legged robot towers above a nearby car and semi, abandoned in what has become a war zone hostile to humans. The robot steps around the corner and see its enemy, another giant robot down the street. The two fire projectiles at each other in fierce combat.

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Useful Machines

by The Journal --- 03/05/2012


As a small crowd of wide-eyed children and eager adults watched the white-painted maze on the Butcher Center gym's hardwood floor, 20-year-old Shepherd University sophomore Courtney Crites carefully placed a homemade miniature robot into the proverbial squared circle.


Looking on with a mixture of baited breath and nerve-wracking anxiety, the computer engineering major observed the small, plastic automaton as it slowly but successfully navigated the maze, deftly snuffing out a lit candle at the end with one fell swoop of a makeshift appendage.

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Some robots not just science fiction

by Shepherdstown Chronicle --- 02/24/2012

Shepherd University's CME department has set up an annual Robotics competition that is held in March. This year, on March 3 and 4, the second annual ShepRobo Fest will take place at the Butcher Center. Dr. Seung-yun Kim heads up the RoboFest competition. The RoboFest has three categories for students of different ages to participate. Continue Reading ...


Shepherd to host second annual Robotics Festival

by Shepherd University News --- 01/24/2012

The second annual ShepRobo Fest will be held at the Butcher Center on Saturday, March 3 and Sunday, March 4, hosted by the Department of Computer Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering. Dr. Seung-yun Kim said he has traveled to middle schools and high schools in Maryland and West Virginia to show students the robots and to talk about the competition. Kim said he expects more competitors and spectators this year. Continue Reading ...



Organizers Hope Robo Fest Draws Students to Math and Science

by WHAG News (Ava-joye Burnett)




A robotics competition at Shepherd University this weekend mixed mathematics and science with video game controllers.


Organizers of the first annual Shep Robo Fest  say this competition develops American students' interest in subjects like math and science, fields they usually fall behind in on the international stage.
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ShepRobo Fest robotics competition tricks students into learning

by Herald-Mail


A fire burned in the back room. Onlookers held their breath.
Precious seconds were ticking by, and the lone firefighter on the scene was repeatedly running headfirst into a wall. Continue Reading...



Student robots do battle

by The Journal


In an arena that looked the set of a 1950s Godzilla film, miniature, spider-like robots built by some of the area's brightest young minds battled for the No. 1 spot this weekend as just one part of Shepherd University's 2011 ShepRobo Fest. Continue Reading...


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ShepRobo Fest to be held March 26 and 27

by Shepherd University News


Dr. Seung-yun Kim with a model of the ShepRobo Fest Mech-Warfare arena.

The Department of Computer Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering at Shepherd University will host the 2011

ShepRobo Fest robotics competition on March 26 and 27

at the Butcher Center.


Dr. Seung-yun Kim, assistant professor of computer and information sciences, said that part of the funding for the competition came from an Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) grant recently received to promote the department.

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