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Historic Tour of Shepherd University's Campus

Historic Photographs of Shepherd University's Campus

This historical tour of Shepherd University's Campus is a great way to experience the long and rich history of Shepherd University. Shepherd University opened its doors in September of 1871 with 42 students and one building and today has about 4300 students and 36 buildings.

Shepherd University's campus is comprised of east campus and west campus. You can take a tour of the whole campus or just east or west campus. Each tour is in chronogical order of when the building was built or became part of Shepherd University.

Along with the historic tour, you can read about the legends of Shepherd University's campus. With all the history that surrounds Shepherd University, chances are there would be a few legends floating around.

There is also a gallery full of photos and maps of campus and its buildings.

Wondering were all the historic tour's great information came from? If the answer is yes, take a look at the list of resources used.

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